Cost Rica Wildlife

A small percentage of the property at DoceLunas is devoted to the pool and the buildings for our human guests. In a sense, we are all guests here at the edge of the jungle. We do our best to share this precious resource with other jungle residents. We are committed to protecting Costa Rica wildlife. We hope you enjoy watching, but please do not feed the animals.

The anteater in the slide show above is a very shy creature and only visited once. The monkeys and pizotes come more frequently, depending on the availability of food sources. Our palm nuts had gone over looked by the monkeys for several years, but in 2017 they began to come to the palm tree in front of the pool to eat. You can see photos of the only capuchin monkeys in Jaco here.

capuchin monkey in tree at Jaco hotel

The enormous mango and manzana de agua trees here at DoceLunas are a popular food source for several species, including macaws and toucans. We have some great photos from bird watching in Costa Rica, many of them taken right here at DoceLunas.

Aerial view of Jaco hotel shows canopy preservation - Costa Rica wildlife habitat

Aerial view of hotel shows canopy preservation, Costa Rica wildlife habitat