Jaco Costa Rica yoga studio

Costa Rica Yoga Studio

Docelunas’ light and airy yoga studio in Costa Rica sits atop our hill above the hotel’s five acres of landscaped tropical jungle gardens. The yoga studio has a very open feel mirrors on one side, and the other with French doors that open to reveal our beautiful scenery.

When you need to unwind, this is the place to do it. The studio has over 1,000 square feet of floor space, more than enough for 40 students. We are fully equipped for retreats and classes up to this number, with blocks, mats, towels, straps, and meditation cushions. We have full multi-media capabilities and Bose sound for presentations and movies. Food and beverage service is available on site. The studio also has two propane heaters and two electric heaters for hot yoga and Bikram Yoga in Costa Rica.

Our Jaco Costa Rica yoga studio is available year round for your next yoga retreat, dance/movement therapy, art therapy, small business conference, art exhibit, and is the perfect setting for you, surrounded by the natural beauty of Costa Rica. It is not uncommon to see scarlet macaws or blue crowned mot-mots just outside the studio’s lovely French doors. From March to May, capuchin monkeys visit the mango tree directly in front of the studio almost daily.

You can’t get closer to nature, and still experience four star service and comfort, unless you choose to take your class on our veranda platform in the trees, or by our meditation circle in the main garden. All this Costa Rica, and only an hour from the international airport. Contact us to get a quote on our very inexpensive group plans at info@docelunas.com.