Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Costa Rica Yoga

Yoga helps us get in touch with our natural, authentic selves. The national motto of Costa Rica is “Pura Vida” – pure life. Pura Vida can mean a lot of things in casual conversation, depending on the context. But the essence of Pura Vida is being in touch with our authentic natural selves and receiving the gift of the unspoiled natural paradise that is Costa Rica. Costa Rica Yoga – what could be more natural?

The palm fronds, gently twisting in the light breeze,

the lilting cheerful song of the oropendola,

the smell of blooming flowers,

the feeling of grass under your feet,

the tiny parade of leaf cutter ants

leading to the towering tree,

as you observe all these things,

you become connected to yourself,

to the earth,

to the all.

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