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surf in jaco
Lots of people who come to our Jaco hotel want to learn to surf. Here are our top ten tips for learning to surf. 1. Have fun! Why are you learning to surf? We hope you are learning to surf to have fun. If you are trying to learn to […]

Top ten tips for learning to surf

Surfing offers a great opportunity to live in the moment, to be here now. When you are paddling as hard as you can to get outside that third big set wave and avoid getting caught inside, you are probably not anywhere but where you are, and not any-when but now. […]

Surf Tip – Be Here Now!

surfing wave
What is it about surfing that makes it so much fun from the very beginning? What is it that keeps us coming back year after year? From tiny grommets to geezer legends in their 70s and 80s, just about everybody who gets in the water can feel the stoke. Surfers […]

Science of surf stoke

Other than Vatican City, Andorra, Lichtenstein, and Monaco, Costa Rica and Panama are the only countries that are not islands that have no military. On December 1st, 1948, Costa Rican president José Figueres Ferrer abolished the country’s military. The year after, the legislature and the president ratified amendment 12 to […]

Costa Rica – 64 years with no army!

Fresh young coconut, called “pipa” in Costa Rican spanish, grows on several trees in the five acres of landscaped jungle at Jaco hotel DoceLunas.  When the weather in Jaco is sunny and dry, which can happen even in the middle of the wet season, the grounds keeping staff scale the […]

Pipa at Jaco hotel DoceLunas

faces of yoga students on aquaponics tour
Our superfood and aquaponics engineer Jorge Diaz took guests in Esak Garcia’s yoga teacher training group on a tour of our aquaponic system and superfoods garden. We are currently serving lemongrass, ginger, galangal, basil, moringa, cas, hibiscus, coconut and noni from the property. After the tour guests enjoyed Pad Tahi with lemongrass, […]

Yoga Group Superfoods Garden Tour

sustainable garden showing aquaponic system with flower in foreground
Environmental engineer Jorge Diaz reports that our superfood garden is thriving. We’ve got a big crop of galangal ready to burst of of the soil. Our galangal extra makes a great addition to tea. We’ll be trying out the galangal and lemongrass in a Tom Kha Gai Thai soup as […]

Sustainable Superfoods Garden Update

new species in Costa Rica perro del monte speothosos vinaticus
“Bush dogs” of the canid species Speothosis venaticus have been discovered in Costa Rica. They were spotted on camera traps in a remote area of the Talamanca Mountains. Speothosis is the only species of genus venaticus that survived the pleistocene. Until last week, they were only known to inhabit Peru, Argentina, […]

New Species in Costa Rica – Speothosos venaticus

Moringa Leaves
The moringa tree goes by many names, drumstick tree, horseradish tree, or ben oil tree and no doubt it has many more names in the foothills of the Himalayas, where it originated. We are growing some moringa trees here in Costa Rica and harvesting their superfood leaves. We have four […]

Moringa Leaves

Baby Sea Turtle Walks Out to Sea in Hermosa
Hermosa/Tulin Turtle Refuge Reopens and the Return of the Turtle Walks After four long years without any type of structure at the Hermosa/Tulin Turtle Refuge, the project has once again begun helping the Olive Ridley sea turtle population, by protecting eggs that were laid in the area and relocated to […]

Hermosa Sea Turtle Refuge Reopens

A lot of visitors to Costa Rica ask “Where can I see sea turtles in Costa Rica?” Sea turtles return to the beach where they hatched to lay eggs. They arrive at specific times of year, depending on the species and the region. In Costa Rican Spanish, the mass arrivals […]

Where to See Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

We are so grateful for all you do, Mothers! Thank you so much! Words can’t express our feelings. We have some flowers (click) for you. But then it occurred to us you already have a lot of those probably, so we could get you something different to go with the flowers. […]

Happy Mother’s Day – Baby Monkeys!

We are so grateful for Mothers! They do the most difficult physical labor in the world: labor. And then they typically take the lead on the most difficult emotional labor in the world: raising and loving their children. Thanks for loving us and working so hard to keep us safe, […]

Happy Mother’s Day! Flowers From Costa Rica

Chestnut Mandibled Toucan
Chestnut Mandibled Toucans, with their distinctive massive brown and yellow beak and their sharp warbling cry, can often be found visiting DoceLunas. They love our many fruit trees, especially the crunchy, tart fruit of the manazana de agua tree. In this video, you can see one Toucan calling and hear […]

Chestnut Mandibled Toucan

We have several Peach Palms, or Pejibaye (pronounced peh – hee – bah – yay ) as locals call them, growing on the property. Capuchin monkeys love to eat Pejibaye. People can eat it too, but we have to cook it about 5 hours first. There is a big peach […]

Monkey with Palm Fruit

jaco nightlife local
Here is a video from Jungle Jam featuring a live set by Zach Deputy at the old Monkey Bar. There is a lot of good crowd footage and some street footage that will give you a great feel for Jaco. Another video from Jungle Jam follows. Check out our page […]

Jaco Nightlife Video

You will probably hear the odd, bubbling call of the Montzeuma Oropendola when you visit DoceLunas. The Oropendola dips down when it calls, dropping almost all the way upside down. Here is a soundclip of the Montezuma Oropendola’s call. At least one family nests nearby and the come to eat […]

Montezuma Oropendola

Lineated Woodpecker Back View
Lineated woodpeckers range from Mexico to Argentia, preferring the edges of forests and semi-open woodland. DoceLunas in Jaco Costa Rica has perfect habitat for lineated woodpeckers. We see quite a few here, visiting from their homes at the edge of the jungle along the back of the hotel property, near […]

Lineated Woodpecker Photos

Poison Dart Frog
Here are some photos of a poison dart frog. These active little fellers are tricky to photograph in the wild. This one got lost. Here are some photos of the poison dart frog we found. We rescued him from a utility closet by getting him to hop onto a towel […]

Poison Dart Frog of Costa Rica

Here are some of our best photos of capuchin monkeys visiting hotel DoceLunas in Jaco Costa Rica. There is a troop of 20 or 30 that visits to eat the mangoes and Pejibaye palm fruit at DoceLunas. Click any photo to enlarge. Then you can use the arrow to move through […]

Best Capuchin Monkey Photos

Aracari close up
The Fiery Billed Aracari is a spectacular relative of the toucan, found only in parts of Costa Rica and Panama. For us, it is a highlight of Costa Rica Bird Watching. They are a rare bird, but a few Fiery Billed Aracaris live in the jungle on the mountain behind […]

Fiery Billed Aracari

capuchin close up face
You won’t find many capuchin monkeys in Jaco hotels, but they do live in the jungle covered mountains that ring the Jaco valley. Because DoceLunas is at the edge of the jungle and has maintained a natural canopy, capuchin monkeys come visit here. Especially in March, April, and May, when […]

Capuchin Monkeys in Jaco in April

blue crowned mot mot head closeup
A Blue Crowned Mot Mot nests on or near Hotel DoceLunas’ property. Last year we would see it regularly around the restaurant and room 13 and 14. Now we see it more frequently at the back corner of the yoga center, where the hotel property borders the jungle. Notice the […]

Blue Crowned Mot Mot

flower at Jaco hotel DoceLunas
Are you excited about getting married in Costa Rica? We are here to help! Please accept our gift of a free wedding flowers. Simply enter your name and email and we will respond and confirm we have you on our list for free center piece flowers as an upgrade to your […]

Free Wedding Flowers

Surfing tip - count seconds while you are under in whitewater to time your swim to the surface so you can wait for the whitewater to dissipate but still get a breath before the next wave.

Surfing tip – Count your downtime

leafcutter ant on branch carrying leaf
Leafcutter ants could be more accurately called “leaf chewer” ants. These species ants live in the of tropics in South and Central America, Mexico, and parts of the southern United States.  Leafcutter ants can carry over 5,000 times the weight of their tiny bodies. The tear and process leaves, flowers, and grasses creating […]

Leafcutter Ants

Our new blog will have several categories. Jaco Costa Rica, Jaco events, Jaco tours, birds, wildlife, flowers, Costa Rica history and more. We will also be presenting new, updated versions of our most popular previous articles.

Our New Blog

The weather in Jaco is unusually cool as high season begins. We are experiencing temperatures in the 70s and a mix of sun and clouds tending towards the cloudy. For those of us that live in Jaco, its a pleasant alternative to the normal high season temperatures and cloud conditions, […]

Cool weather for Jaco hotel

meditating surfer
Summary: Learn to quiet your mind with meditation. Get great focus for better surf results. Apply your meditation skills and learn how to levitate. At the end of this post, I will tell you how to levitate. But first, let’s talk about thinking and meditation. We will need solid philosophical […]

Meditation for surfers

Many of our guests at Jaco hotel DoceLunas come to Jaco in part to learn to surf, so we like to provide some surfing tips to help you get started. Beginning surfers may face the challenging situation of being “caught inside” a set wave with a longboard. By “caught inside” […]

Surf tip – what to do when you are caught ...

people cleaning up beach
UPDATE – NEXT KARMA TRIBE JACO BEACH CLEANUP MAY 20th, 2017 at CALLE BOHIO MEET AT 9:30 Dave says: “Let’s experience the sweet pura vida feeling of cleaning our beach!!! 🌴 It feels so good… and brings you vast good karma !!! Please bring friends, family, dogs and bags. Everyone […]

Karma Tribe Jaco beach cleanup

Our friends at Green Room Cafe a mile away from DoceLunas offer live music regularly. Here is the schedule for this week starting tonight, 8/27/2015. Agenda de esta Semana/Line up for this week…..Viva La Musica!! We Love Live Music!! Thu/Jue: De Cuerdas a Voces Dúo Intrumental 8pm!! Fri/Vie: UnderCover Classic Rock […]

Live music in Jaco at Green Room Cafe

Make your own DIY smartphone hologram! Follow the instructions in the video below to make a small four sided semi-transparent plexiglass pyramid. Set it on your phone and play a video, such as the one in the link, designed for projecting the hologram – it will split the image into […]

DIY Smartphone Hologram

Please join us for dinner at  Jaco restaurant Eclipse at hotel DoceLunas. Here at Eclipse Restaurant we only use locally grown fruits and vegetables, and the freshest meats and seafoods sourced from family farms and businesses. Try one of our CR specialties for a taste of local cuisine done with […]

Restaurant Eclipse Dinner Menu

Please join us for a refreshing lunch at the open air Eclipse restaurant at Jaco hotel DoceLunas. All prices include 13% tax and 10% tip by Costa Rican law. Starters- Caesar Salad-$7.00 House Salad-$6.50 Soup of the Day(ask your server)-$6.50 Nachos Supreme-piled high with all the good stuff. A meal for […]

Jaco Restaurant Eclipse Lunch menu

Join us for a delicious breakfast at the open air Eclipse restaurant at Jaco hotel DoceLunas. Hotel guests get a free continental breakfast, and you can also order the following menu items. Tico Breakfast- 2 eggs any style, gallo pinto(Costa Rican rice and beans),tortillas, plantains and sour cream, choice of […]

Restaurant Eclipse Breakfast Menu

an eye like image. what is it?
Can you tell us what you are looking at in our mystery image taken at Jaco hotel DoceLunas? Let us know and get a 30% discount off your stay valid through December 1st, 2015! Three hints: Hint 1 –  “No, I cannot tell you what that is.” may be a […]

Mystery image from Jaco hotel

We have preserved the canopy here at DoceLunas for its ecological value. Our sustainable approach to eco=tourism provides a lovley habitat and food for both wildlife and people. Birds and wildlife from the jungle covered mountain that borders the property come to visit our trees, some of which hang heavy […]

Local sourced chestnuts from the hotel gardens

Here at hotel DoceLunas in Jaco, Costa Rica we like to do yoga. We offer free classes for our guests twice a day most days of the week (yoga schedule varies so please confirm with info@docelunas.com for any particular day). Most of our yoga classes begin and end with the […]

Come to Costa Rica and change your brain with Mantra ...

Toucan at DoceLunas
Do you want to be more awesome? By that I mean, to be more awesome from everyone else’s point of view, to be more generous and helpful. I know I do, perhaps mostly just because I believe that is one of the most reliable paths to happiness. People in Costa […]

Be awed, be awesome in Costa Rica

Here are some frequently asked questions about Jaco, Costa Rica. Q: How far is Jaco from the Airport? A: It takes about 1 hour and fifteen minutes to drive via the new Autopista Del Sol Highway from SJO – Juan Santamaria Airport in Alajuela near San Jose to Jaco. Here […]

Jaco Costa Rica FAQ