Jaco Surf Report

Here is the latest Jaco Surf Report from MagicSeaweed. Is their Jaco Surf Report and Forecast accurate? What do they know about they mysterious and ineffable swell? More than you and I, my friend.

…Although we all have the same raw data, if we know where to look. (Stay tuned for the secrets of surf forecasting!)

Anyway, the experts over at Magic Seaweed throw the data from feeds from the buoys scattered at rare intervals throughout the ocean. Based on complicated models of the effect of the ocean floor and currents on the waves, Magic Seaweed, Wind Guru, SurfLine and others provide reports predicting wave height.

Which Jaco Surf Report is Best?

To score the best waves in Jaco, you need the best Jaco surf forecast and report to find the right size wave for you. Measuring wave faces is in itself controversial. Is Magic Sea Weed’s Jaco wave height calculation correct? We think that since people measure waves differently, that is a question without an answer. Or if you are super opinionated about an arbitrary thing, the answer lies partly in whether you measure wave height the same way they do. Seaweed tends to report lower wave heights than Surfline.

The question we ask about surf forecasts – Which Jaco surf report is the most accurate in indicating the trend up or down in wave size? Whether or not we agree with how they measure wave height: When the forecast says the waves are getting bigger, do they get bigger? If they say the waves in Jaco will get a lot bigger, do they get a lot bigger? By that standard Magic Seaweed seems to the best Jaco surf report right now.

*Note: FNMOC stands for Fleet Numerical Meteorological and Oceanographic Center. The US Navy’s FNMOC has all the raw buoy data used for forecasting sea states for commercial shipping. Their swell maps are not designed for surfers. They do not attempt to make point estimates of open water swell the way surf forecasting sites do: they always give a 2 foot range for swell size, indicated by color changes on an iso-cline map. Some say that while FNMOC is not precise, it is the most accurate. FNMOC is a favorite among true experts and well-informed nerds. We are working on a way to embed their map.

So here is our favorite, Magic Seaweed, affectionately nick named “Magic Tea Leaves” because some say you might as well “read tea leaves” like an old school fortune teller. But hey, hat’s off to them – it’s a tough job and by local surf forecasting knowledge, currently considered the best, having taken the crown from Surfline.

Jaco Surf Forecast

Here is the Surfline Surf Report. They are pretty good too.
This animated swell map is fun to watch.